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December 27, 2018
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December 28, 2018

Juspy - Business All-Star Accreditation


Accredited Since: Dec 2018

Address: Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland

Sector: Corporate

Website: www.juspy.com
All-Star Accredited


The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) has accredited Juspy with Business All-Star Accreditation in recognition of the company's development of its Juspy product.

We are delighted to recognise Juspy with Business All-Star Accreditation in recognition of the company's development of its Juspy product.

The adjudication panel was deeply impressed by the depth of research into the products development, the aesthetics of the brand and most importantly its taste.

We are convinced that the product will compete very well in the health and nutrition market and look forward to its emergence as a mainstream brand.

We wish Leonie Lynch and all the team at Juspy every success going forward.

- A Spokesperson on Behalf of the AIBF Adjudication Panel

About Juspy

Juspy is an Irish functional food company that provides specialist formulations for women in various life stages. Their product, Juspy momme, is a readymade nutritional boost for mothers on the go. It was specially formulated for the new, postnatal mother who is tired, stressed, and trying to re-establish a good relationship with her.

Message from Leonie Lynch PhD - Founder/Director, Juspy

Sometimes when you are trying to get your business off the ground looking for awards and accreditations can feel like vanity and an unnecessary distraction. Nonetheless, getting recognition for all of your hard work and dedication can be an important boost especially for a start-up.

We are extremely proud to have gotten our Business All-Star Accreditation because we have seen first hand the due diligence taken with each application. We know our award is deserved because we came through each stage of this rigorous process. It gave us confirmation that we are telling our story in the right way. We know our product tastes amazing and to get that feedback from the board was amazing.

Our product stands on its own ground and we now know we are on the right path forward, because we value the opinion and experience of the panel. The feedback was our pat on the back for all our strategy decisions so far. It has given us the confidence to continue doing what we are doing in the way we are doing it. There are high expectations set by the All-Ireland Business Foundation and collaborating and we look forward to contributing to those and setting even higher ones in the future #globalambition

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