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December 26, 2018
December 26, 2018

EcoStraws - Business All-Star Accreditation


Accredited Since: Dec 2018

Address: Eco House, Hospital, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Sector: Environment

All-Star Accredited


The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) has accredited EcoStraws with Business All-Star One to Watch recognition.

We are delighted to recognise EcoStraws with Business All-Star One to Watch recognition.

We welcome the initiative shown by the company's founders to tackle the challenge posed by plastics to the environment.

With over 1 million plastic straws used daily in Ireland the idea for EcoStraws is to be welcomed, for the first time it will be possible to source a range of eco-friendly straws from one source.

The company is ideally positioned to take advantage of the European Parliament directive banning single-use plastics by 2021.

Therefore we have bestowed our One to Watch recognition on EcoStraws in the expectation that it will play a vital role in combating the scourge of single use plastics.

We wish Brian O'Callaghan and all the team at EcoStraws every success going forward.

- A Spokesperson on Behalf of the AIBF Adjudication Panel

About EcoStraws

It is sometimes hard to believe in coincidence, but amazingly, life has a way of bringing like-minded people together for good reason. We, Sarah, Anthony & Brian, are three running buddies, all members of Bilboa Athletic Club, in Co. Limerick. In September of 2018 we attended the National Geographic Symphony for our World performance by the National Symphony Orchestra at its European debut in Limerick. In addition to the glorious animal & marine-life footage which was a feast for the senses, there was also a serious message: Earth is under assault from the actions of man.

Message from Brian O'Callaghan - MD, EcoStraws

We at feel honoured, privileged and proud of achieving the Business All-Star Accreditation. Although intense and challenging, we understand that in business, the process of accreditation can be somewhat subjective and requires adequate, unbiased technical review to ensure credibility.

This review was conducted with the expert third-party assessment by The All-Star Business Foundation who certainly command that credibility. But it is the fact that first-hand feedback was required from our customers, and the fact that they spoke so highly of us, pleases us the most. We have worked extremely hard on customer service, so to see those efforts acknowledged and results of them rewarded, reignites the passion and belief that what we are doing, we are doing well.

This accreditation certainly places the spotlight on us, but it also highlights a growing campaign here in Ireland against single-use plastics, one which we are proud to help progress.

On Accreditation Day, we shared the stage with the country's most progressive indigenous Irish businesses. As we move forward, we look forward to collaborating with our fellow TRIBE members, and encouraging each other to meet and indeed exceed the standards set by ourselves and the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

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