WiFiCandy Launches BizCandy For Remote Working…

Tell us about WiFicandy

WiFicandy was established in mid-2018 and it was as a result of the increasing demand of tourists visiting Ireland. WiFicandy offers portable wifi rental solution which enables visitors to have unlimited access to the Internet from the day they land in Ireland until the day they take off.

In other words, our service provides convenience and certainty of seamless connectivity without worrying about the big roaming bill, which long haul visitors are still confronting with, even in these days.

How is the business responding to the COVID-19 challenge?

COVID-19 has been a big hit to us, like any other travel-related business, we were dependant on the incoming flow of tourists. The first few days have been quite intense, however soon after we realised that everyone is affected by this and we are all in together, it somehow felt quite relieving. For us, there were 3 things that needed our attention.

  1. Customers Satisfaction: We decided to take a positive outlook on this situation and do what was best for our customers. That was to provide them full refunds or postpone their orders for later this year. The vast majority of our customers were as equally affected by this current situation as us, but what it was really reassuring was their positivity and willingness of considering us again in the near future once things settled down.
  2. Business Partners – Cutting down costs: Another aspect that was really positive for us, it was the responsiveness of our business partners who understood the gravity of the situation and offered solutions whereby we were able to minimise some of the operating costs.
  3. Collaborators – Planning: During this lockdown phase, we managed to respond quite fast to certain aspects by collaborating with new partners. For example, having a new pick up location at Dublin Airport T1. Partnering with taxi/chauffeur company to offer value-added Meet and Greet service to our customers.

Affiliating with leading VoIP and VPN service providers which could allow four customers to make phone calls internationally while connected to our wifi hotspot or use the virtual private network (VPN) for more robust and secured connectivity.

Tell us about your new service, BizCandy

On the second week as the lockdown got more prominent we were receiving enquiries and orders from individuals who needed to have last-minute wifi to enable them to work remotely.

This drifted our attention to this new massive opportunity which enabled us to design the BizCandy Kit. This is a fast fixed plug and plays solution which offers the flexibility of renting it only for the duration needed without any contract commitments. We have two rental plans for 2 weeks or 1 month however, we can extend the service longer if needed.

How do people get in touch with you?

For anyone who wishes to get in touch with us please email us hello@wificandy.ie or check our website www.wificandy.ie