VM Digital - Business All-Star Accreditation

VM Digital

Accredited Since: Septmber 2022
Address: 23 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2, D02 DF74
Sector: Advertising Services

VM Digital

VM Digital has achieved Business All-Star 2022, in recognition of the company’s commitment to the best practice in the sector.

Furthermore, we wish to recognise VM Digital’s conduct in the areas of trust, commitment, performance & customer centricity.

VM Digital is hereby included in the AIBF register of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

Message from Michael Byers - Director, VM Digital

Becoming approved to the Business All stars was a goal for us in 2022, as we believe that networking & referrals are the most successful ways for us to grow our network.

This represents a big win for Team VM and we look forward to working with other Tribe members and the AIBF team over the coming months & years

About VM Digital

VM Digital is a full-service marketing agency focusing on engaging people online to drive long-term success for their clients.

The VM team have been recognised with Business All-Star accreditation for their commitment to the best practice in the sector and their conduct in the areas of trust performance and customer-centricity.

VM Digital - Business All-Stars Accreditation