Q&A with Eileen Forrestal of Get Up & Go Publications Ltd

In this Q&A, we talked to Eileen Forrestal, Co-Founder of Get Up & Go Publications Ltd.
# Tell us about yourself and your business?

I Co-founded Get Up and Go Publications Ltd in 2006, while still working as a hospital doctor – Consultant Anaesthetist – in Sligo. Our first Irish Get Up and Go Diary appeared in 2007.

In 2013, through a surprise phone call, I was invited to attend an entrepreneur retreat in Bali. Here, I was introduced to the work of Roger Hamilton and Wealth Dynamics (his unique profiling system), and his Global Entrepreneur community. I am now a Mentor in this community and we (Sligo) are one of the 100 cities around the world that host Entrepreneur Socials ‘where the entrepreneur movement meets’.

In doing the WD Profile Test, I identified with the Star Profile (with Creator and Supporter ‘wings’) and realised I could have more impact on global health and wellbeing through the diaries than I could working as a Doctor, with one pair of hands.

I retired from medicine in 2014 to concentrate on improving and promoting the get-up and go diaries, journals and planners. We now have a range of diaries for the Irish Diaspora (at home and abroad – our signature product) Busy Women and Young People. We have a Gratitude Journal, Travel Journal, Homework Journal, Genius Journal and Wellbeing Journal, and a Daily Planner. More to come …

We are in the process of digitising some of our offerings so they can be availed of by the new ‘digital savvy’ audience.

An accredited Business All-Star for three consecutive years, Get Up and Go has been proudly associated with the All-Ireland Business foundation since 2018. Attaining this accreditation boosted confidence in our core product. It was also important to be recognised in the Irish business community of accredited All-Stars, based on the principles of Trust, Performance and Customer-Centricity, as evidence of high standards of business practice, contributing to our credibility in the wider global community, all critical to the success of our growing business, and in attracting collaborative partners.

# Why did you partner with Global Entrepreneur Summit?

We like to partner with people with whom we share a common goal – to make the world a better place – by encouraging us all to be better humans, and that includes being better business owners, employees, and entrepreneurs! Roger’s commitment is to empower entrepreneur education, as he envisions entrepreneurs as being the ones who will solve the world’s most pressing problems in the future, not governments or corporations. Our current education system leaves much to be desired in this area. Many young people are being educated for jobs that will not exist in the not too distant future.

In 2016 we partnered with Roger Hamilton and Entrepreneurs Institute to produce the Genius Journal. This incorporates much of his Wealth Dynamics tools and unique perspectives on entrepreneurship and self-awareness as access to success.

We have attended his Global Entrepreneur Summit in London since 2015 and I have always been blown away by his ‘genius’ perception and visionary leadership – letting us know of coming trends and how best to surf the waves of change.

These waves of change are coming thicker and faster than ever before, and it behoves us to keep up. It is of vital importance that we remain High-Touch in an age of High-Tech! Being connected with a global network of like-minded purpose-inspired entrepreneurs is exciting and energising.

We are now connecting in new and exciting ways and have access to a vast global network – what are we going to do with that? Are we passive observers (like watching television) or are we willing to learn how we can contribute to shaping the future?

# When is it on?

The 2020 Global Entrepreneur Summit (virtual) takes place Dec 4th and 5th, 9AM-1PM.

# What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2020 version?

Everything that Roger creates is exciting. This is a new venture – this will be his first on-line summit – connecting thousands of his community for the first time. Roger would normally travel the world holding large events in Sydney, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Mumbai, London, San Francisco, etc. Now we get to connect in the virtual world and everyone gets to hear Roger at the same time (coordinating the time zones may be tricky for this event!!)

# What opportunities are on offer for people and companies attending?

Hearing Roger share his vision of the future, his Top Ten Trends and what is likely to survive and thrive in the digital decade ahead (and what is not), and how to maximise your chances for success. Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity.

# What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Book a ticket early and take advantage of the Profile Test (what kind of entrepreneur are you) the Passion Test, the Purpose Test and the Impact Test. This will enable those attending to be more attuned to Rogers ‘ thinking’ and what opportunities could be available by being connected with this global community. Be prepared and be open to opportunity.

# How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

You can buy tickets for €20 by clicking the here.