The KOOP Studios - Business All-Star Accreditation

The KOOP Studios

Accredited Since: November 2022
Address: 8 Parliament St., Kilkenny, R95 N6PK
Sector: Health, Wellness and Fitness

The KOOP Studios

All-Star Lifestyle Leader in Trauma-Informed Coaching

I am delighted to have been part of the audit process which has led to the accreditation of Autumn Tobin as All-Star Lifestyle Leader in Trauma-Informed Coaching. Autumn has measured up to the benchmark as set out in the Business All-Star standard. I found her to be a strong performer supported by a great reputation, an entrepreneur that is truly customer-centric at heart. Congratulations to Autumn, and we wish her sustained success.

- Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

Message from Autumn Tobin - Owner, The KOOP Studios

This recognition highlights the importance of the work I do in supporting clients on their wellbeing journeys and presents me with an amazing opportunity to normalise discussions about mental health. Reducing the stigma attached to mental health means more people will seek help and be able to thrive.

Achieving accreditation serves as a sign that I (with the backing of The KOOP Studios team) am providing a service that is invaluable for clients. I hereby solemnly swear to continue to talk about tough stuff, such as trauma and recovery, while helping clients do the hard work of growing beyond their comfort zone.

About Autumn Tobin - The KOOP Studios

Founded by Autumn Tobin, and built on her background in education and biology, The KOOP Studios provides interactive personal growth and development programs using science-backed methods to support individuals and groups in reaching their fullest potential.

Clients have said its vital differentiator lies in the data collected throughout the delivery process. The company helps businesses calculate their return-on-investment for services and provide visual statistics for individuals to see how the implementation of simple, yet effective, behavioral changes improve dynamics within your home, school, and/or workplace.

Facilitators at The KOOP Studios pride themselves on providing programs that are accessible and inclusive to all who would like to avail of them. Their services are highly tailored to the goal(s), timeline, and budget of each client in order to get the best outcomes.

Whether you want to increase your own personal self-awareness, navigate the start of a new job, build confidence or help your team to collaborate and boost their productivity, The KOOP Studios has the flexibility to help you reach your objective quickly and sustainably.