Sonia McEntee Solicitors - Business All-Star Accreditation

Sonia McEntee Solicitors

Accredited Since: May 2021
Address: Unit 1B, Elm House, Kinnypottle, Cavan, H12A8H7
Sector: Legal Services

Sonia McEntee Solicitors

All-Star Apartment Law Practice Of The Year 2021

This certificate verifies that Sonia McEntee Solicitors has achieved All-Star Apartment Law Practice Of The Year 2021. The Accreditation is in recognition of the company’s outstanding contribution to quality and standards in the apartment law sector.

Furthermore, we wish to recognise Sonia McEntee Solicitors’ conduct in the areas of trust, commitment, performance & customer-centricity. Sonia McEntee Solicitors is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

About Sonia McEntee Solicitors

There are now well over half a million people in Ireland living in apartments. Chances are you are one of them. If so, you’ll know that owning an apartment comes with plenty of strings attached.

Problems with developers, the running of management companies, sinking funds, service charges and difficulties with neighbours are some of the practical issues that can make owning an apartment a stressful experience.

Well at Apartment Law, what we do is take some of the most common questions asked and answer them in plain English, breaking down the jargon. Whether you’re an owner, a landlord or a tenant, we’ll help you get to grips with your rights, as well as your obligations.

As an example, we can help with the smooth transition of common areas from developer to the Owners Management Company making sure that the policies, processes and procedures in place are for the benefit of all owners; and if there are problems, our knowledge and experience at Apartment Law will ensure these are resolved in a practical and cost-effective way.

Sonia McEntee Solicitors - Business All-Stars Accreditation