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Kieron Kent - Red Flag Alert

Accredited Since: January 2021
Address: Scottish Provident Building 7, Donegall Square West, Belfast, County Antrim, BT1 6JH
Sector: Data Services

Kieron Kent - Red Flag Alert

Thought Leader - Data, Business Development & Process Outsourcing

Kieron Kent, Head of Business Development at Red Flag Alert achieves a Thought Leader Accreditation.
Kieron Kent, Head of Business Development at Red Flag Alert achieves a Thought Leader Accreditation.
Kieron Kent has successfully navigated 3 rounds of auditing which proved his performance, trust and customer-centricity.
The auditing process has left us in no doubt as to Kieron Kent's suitability for Business All-Star accreditation and his inclusion in The Register of Irish Business Excellence (TRIBE).

- Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

Message from Kieron Kent - MD, Red Flag Alert

The Thought Leader accreditation is very gratifying because it is an external validation and recognition of what I have focused on in my career with anyone I have worked with and for my clients.

My career has spanned 3 distinct, yet overlapping areas i.e. business development, data and business process outsourcing. It is hugely important to me that I use this accreditation as a stepping stone to simplify, provoke, stimulate, and focus the discussion on the basic principles which are the foundation of sales and selling, that will strengthen business development as a profession and grow our businesses in a profitable and sustainable way. It is always about listening.

Business development has never been more important in the midst of the pandemic and the onset of Brexit. We need to grow new markets, identify the many new opportunities, talk to our clients, understand what they need and the challenges we can help them solve and focus on the principles and disciplines which will ensure sustainable and reinvigorated growth for them and thereby for our businesses also.

About Kieron Kent - Red Flag Alert

Career Background: Company Start-Ups, Board Directorships, Strategic Business Development, BPO, B2B Data, Marketing Data, Credit Risk Data, Data Strategy, CRM, Strategic Market Positioning, Contract Negotiations, Solution Selling, Growth/Development, Organisational Leadership, Developing and Building High Performing Sales Teams. A very varied sectoral background gained over 35 years.