P2P Customs Ltd - Business All-Star Accreditation

P2P Customs Ltd

Accredited Since: September 2021
Address: Office 7 , Dean Swift Building, 50 Hamiltonsbawn Road, Armagh
Sector: Business Service

P2P Customs Ltd

All-Star Northern Ireland Start Up 2021

This certificate verifies that P2P Customs Ltd has achieved All-Star Northern Ireland Start Up 2021 accreditation, In recognition of the company’s rapid development since its establishment in 2021. P2P is built on knowledge and understanding of the customs code to help make trade between NI-ROI & GB smoother following the new rules being introduced Aa part of BREXIT.

Furthermore we wish to recognise P2P Customs Ltd’s conduct in the areas of trust, commitment, performance & customer-centricity. P2P Customs Ltd is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

Message from Ryan Kelly - Director, P2P Customs Ltd

We were delighted to be honoured as part of the Business All-Star Accreditation process. Our aim is to bring innovation to this fast growing industry whilst making customers and clients more at ease with the processes and procedures .

We are driven by a highly skilled and ambitious team that have aligned themselves with our companies values.

About P2P Customs Ltd

Starting in 2021, P2P Customs will serve a broad range of consumers worldwide. P2P Customs is a leading customs agent providing customs declarations to freight and relocation services companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland. P2P Customs provides world-class professional services to various organizations and individuals. In order to deliver on time in a fast moving industry , we recognise and focus on the importance of time and the challenges that come with it as a highly seasoned customer-centric company.

We are your all-in-one customs solution. We are customs clearance agents in UK and Ireland with expertise in managing a wide range of items and providing assistance in door-to-door logistics. We work hard to ensure that your freight is transported safely and efficiently going from port to port. “Put your customs in our hands, and we’ll clear it as quickly as possible.”

As a result, we can give an exceptional end-to-end world-class customs experience. Our Assurance P2P Customs provides customs declarations in UK & Ireland and supports industry and trade in the global interchange of commodities through ro/ro transport. Our value-added services ensure that commodities flow smoothly and that supply chains remain lean and successful.

We take great pride in being our customers’ first choice and believe in providing quality customs services at the most competitive prices in the market.

P2P Customs Ltd - Business All-Stars Accreditation