Newbee Publication - Business All-Star Accreditation

Newbee Publication

Accredited Since: April 2021
Address: 2 Rustic Road, The Grange, Waterford, X91W4F3
Sector: Design & Marketing

Newbee Publication

One to Watch

This certificate verifies that Newbee Publication has achieved AIBF Business All-Star “One To Watch” Accreditation. We wish to recognise the beginning of Newbee Publication and bestow on it our One To Watch Accreditation in anticipation of its future success.

Newbee Publication is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

About Newbee Publication

When it comes to coping with stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, or frustrations from disabilities, we all need healthy ways to release negative emotions and thoughts without feeling unsafe. This is why Newbee Publication does what it does — to give people multiple opportunities to carve that safe space for themselves to grow, thrive, and succeed anytime, anywhere.

We at Newbee Publication started as a solid support resource for people trying to cope with loss and poor emotional and mental wellbeing at the beginning of 2020’s pandemic lockdowns. With the help of seasoned therapists and doctors who have been working in their respective communities for years, we were able to successfully develop bereavement support activity books for people from all walks of life.

Seeing the success of our first booklet on Amazon, we at Newbee Publication were inspired to do more. As our next step, instead of slowing it down, we expanded our products further to accommodate the people who need us the most — the elderly who are living alone, especially those who need ongoing therapeutic care.

But our expansion didn’t stop there. Today, we have collaborated with even more healthcare professionals & Teachers and added children’s activity books into the mix to help support kids at every learning and growing stage in their lives.

From the comprehensive and easy-to-understand “Five”S” s of Yoga” guide to the “Stress Buster” activity book, we Newbee Publication made it easy for the world to see the power that we can glean just by living our authentic selves.

Newbee Publication - Business All-Stars Accreditation

Message from Richa Yadav - Owner, Newbee Publication

The Accreditations makes me feel good and appreciated for the time and hard work I have put into this project. The accolade is a source of inspiration and acknowledgment of the dedication put in at the beginning and it gives us a much-needed morale boost to continue moving forward and keep the faith.

It will give our customers the reassurance that they can rely on the products we create and the Accreditation definitely sets us a part from other businesses.