Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens - Business All-Star Accreditation

Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens

Accredited Since: October 2019
Address: Ballyguiltenane Lower, Glin, Limerick, Ireland
Sector: Manufacturing

Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens

All-Star Munster Kitchen Company 2021

Neilus Brouder, Managing Director of Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens.
Neilus Brouder, Managing Director of Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens.

This certificate verifies that con brouder fitted kitchens has achieved AIBF 2020-1014 All-Star munster kitchen company 2021, in recognition of the company’s conduct in the areas of trust, commitment, performance & customer centricity.

Con brouder fitted kitchens is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

Message from Neilus Brouder, Managing Director, Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens

We would love to thank Kapil, Kieran and all the team at the Foundation for there Support and Recognition to our team. For over 30 years we have built our reputation in the Irish handcrafted bespoke Kitchen Industry and this award in Croke Park, for our team is something that we hold the highest calibre of appreciation for.

It has given us great belief in what we can achieve going forward and Its an honour to have this title bestowed upon us.

About Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens

Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens is a family run business based on the Shannon Estuary in Glin Co.Limerick. The business was set up in 1984 with the vision of providing customers with excellent service, quality manufacturing, bespoke design and professional fitting to meet your individual lifestyle needs.

For the last 32 years we have provided a fully comprehensive and professional fitted kitchen, design, manufacture and installation service throughout all of Ireland. Whether you need Kitchens, additional storage space for the kid’s room or a full walk in wardrobe solution we can help. Commissioned by a range of clientele, we are renowned for the finest quality, elegant detail and attention to every detail.

Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens - Business All-Stars Accreditation