Procurement Gurus Limited - Business All-Star Accreditation

Luke Moore - Procurement Gurus Limited

Accredited Since: November 2021
Address: Greenpark Meadows, Mullingar, Westmeath
Sector: Facilities Services

Luke Moore - Procurement Gurus Limited

Rising Star Procurement

Luke Moore of Procurement Gurus Limited has been honoured by the All-Ireland Business Foundation with its Rising Star In Procurement accreditation. This honour is in recognition of Luke’s outstanding career in procurement but more particularly his performance since establishing Procurement Gurus Limited.

Luke Moore is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

About Luke Moore - Procurement Gurus Limited

Luke Moore is the Managing Director of the Procurement Gurus Ltd.

He is an energetic and thorough worker with a great eye for detail and a talent for reviewing and improving processes.

He exudes a “work smart” ethos allowing him and his teams to be more efficient with their time.

The Procurement Gurus offer full end to end procurement services including a complete outsourced procurement package, tailored to suit your business needs.

Luke’s team make setting up a procurement function easy and bring a guarantee to mitigate risk in terms of spend and contractual compliance.

They also offer one-off eRFX services for any one off sourcing activities or benchmarking exercises you require.

The procurement Gurus offer consultancy services in several key areas including…

– Procurement Transformation
– Procurement Strategy
– Opportunity Assessment
– System and Process Review
– Negotiation

Luke Moore - Procurement Gurus Limited - Business All-Stars Accreditation