Pharmafilter Group Holdings - Business All-Star Accreditation

Pharmafilter Group Holdings

Accredited Since: March 2022
Address: 26 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2
Sector: Health, Wellness and Fitness

Pharmafilter Group Holdings

Pharmafilter Group Holdings has achieved AIBF 2021-1008 Business All-Star Accreditation, in recognition of the company’s conduct in the areas of trust, performance and customer-centricity.

Pharmafilter Group Holdings is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair, Adjudication Board

Message from Peter Kelly- CEO, Pharmafilter Group Holdings

Pharmafilter Group Holding management team welcomes the honor and importance of the All-Ireland Business Foundation Business All-Star Certificate of Accreditation.

We thank the All-Ireland Business Foundation for recognising Pharmafilter as, globally, healthcare is significantly challenged by rising antibiotic resistance, hospital-acquired infection, staff shortages, capital, and operational funding pressures.

In deploying the Pharmafilter system, hospitals are removing the input of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics, to the environment via hospital wastewater – a critical point in antibiotic stewardship. In addition, essential support services are automated, benefitting staffing, operations, efficiencies, economics, hygiene, patient and staff safety.

Circumstances for change are now upon us in how we manage Healthcare Waste and Wastewater. We must protect and play our part in restoring the healthcare climate balance by adopting innovative, financially viable, environmental, and operational, clinical advantageous technology.

About Pharmafilter Group Holdings

Pharmafilter Group Holding Design-Build, Finance, Permit, Maintain, Operate and Own the on-site Pharmafilter system. Pharmafilter operating method is a combined approach to efficiently and economically managing healthcare-generated wastes and wastewater at the source.

The system is a thoroughly integrated waste disposal and waste & wastewater decontamination system that at every stage delivers significant improvements in the handling, removal and treatment of waste streams arising from hospitals. It is a ‘clean-technology’ process for dealing with complex waste, sewage and wastewater The “As a Service” basis to the Hospital or Health Service Authority is founded on an in-depth business case identifying areas of savings capable of being generated by the Pharmafilter system at each site.

It delivers a lifetime operational framework for the client regarding finance, operations, project management, delivery, security of supply, insurances, KPI, environmental and statuary regulation, increased volume, and future emission limits. The engagement incorporates a complete turnkey solution including design, build, permit, maintenance, own and operation. This approach passes the long term Operational responsibilities unto Pharmafilter and significantly relieves the hospital’s capital and associated operational budget pressuure.

Pharmafilter Group Holdings - Business All-Stars Accreditation