Kilmacow Montessori School Achieves Business All-Star Accreditation

Kilmacow Montessori School | AIBF
Leeann Murphy of Kilmacow Montessori School with their All-Star Accreditation and medallion.

AKilkenny-based montessori school has been honoured with a Business All-Star Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

Kilmacow Montessori School recently received the prestigious accolade. Cllr Tomas Breatnach congratulated the school on receiving the Accreditation. The accolade of the All-Star Accreditation by the All-Ireland Business Foundation is recognition of Kilmacow Montessori School as welcoming and child-centred and of the positive relationships among staff, parents and children.

“Since the Montessori School opened in 2005 there has been continuous investment in staff development, training and school facilities with the optimum of professional attention and warmth in the interaction with the children in its care,” he said.

The school was founded on January 11, 2005. Their school initially began when two sisters, Helen Murphy-Walsh and Leeann Murphy, embarked on a mission to bring bespoke Early Years Education and Afterschool Care to the Kilmacow area. The phenomenal response from the local community has made it necessary to expand their business twice, with the most recent addition being their Junior Montessori Classroom. As a result of these expansions, they have been able to grow their team of highly qualified early years educators.

In their school, they combine the Montessori Method of teaching with their own strengths as individuals and as a team. Their talents in music, dance, art, and theatre complement their professional training, enriching the Montessori-based world their school provides for their students. Kilmacow Montessori has a rural aspect backing onto green fields with unspoilt views of the Comeragh Mountains and scenes of cattle-grazing or rabbits playing are an everyday occurrence. They are fortunate to have such a beautiful natural environment as it allows their students’ education to extend far beyond the limits of the classroom walls.

Kilmacow Montessori School | AIBF

The Accreditation is an independently verified standard mark for indigenous businesses, based on rigorous selection criteria. It is overseen by the prestigious All-Ireland Business Foundation, whose adjudication panel is chaired by Dr Briga Hynes of the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick and Kieran Ring, CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics.

Business All-Star accredited companies are defined as; progressive, indigenous Irish businesses which meet the highest standards of verified performance, trust and customer-centricity.

Kilmacow Montessori School are delighted to accept our Business All-Star Accreditation. We are immensely proud of the important work we do here at Kilmacow Montessori and it is an honour to have our dedication to quality Early Years Education formally recognised by the All-Ireland Business Foundation, says Helen Murphy Walsh, Company Director at Kilmacow Montessori School.

She adds: “This Accreditation is testament to the incredible commitment of our staff to our students and to their families. Each team member consistently strives to make our school an exemplary model of Montessori education. Our child-centred approach to learning ensures our classrooms are places of wonder and curiosity, where fun and education go hand in hand. Kilmacow Montessori School is the children, the teachers, the families, and the community. We are thankful to everyone who contributes to make our gold star school sparkle. Early Years Education is much more than a business, it is the shaping of our future. The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

Kieran Ring, Deputy Chair on the Adjudication Board said in support of the announcement: “This certificate verifies that Kilmacow Montessori School has achieved AIBF 2021-1008 Business All-Stars Accreditation, in recognition of the company’s conduct in the areas of trust, performance and customer-centricity. Kilmacow Montessori School is hereby included in the AIBF Register Of Irish Business Excellence.”

We are delighted to announce our Business All Star “Best in Class” Accreditation.
It is an honour to have…

Posted by Kilmacow Montessori on Monday, 12 April 2021

Dr Hynes said the Accreditation, which is now held by over 450 firms, is needed by the thousands of small and medium businesses which operate to their own standards, but have nothing to measure them by.

“We evaluate a company’s background, trustworthiness and performance, and we speak to customers, employees and vendors. We also anonymously approach the company as a customer and report back on the experience. The business goes through at least two interviews and is scored on every part of the process against set metrics”, she says.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation is a national body which accredits best-in-class Irish businesses as Business All-Stars. The Foundation also oversees the All-Ireland Business Summit while promoting peer dialogue amongst our members on an ongoing basis.

The process to select the next group of Business All-Star accredited companies has begun and further information is available at

To learn more about Kilmacow Montessori School, visit their All-Star showcase page here.

This post first appeared in Kilkenny People.