Kapil Khanna shares the key traits common to the top business owners & entrepreneurs

Kapil Khanna | AIBF
Managing Director of the All-Ireland Business Foundation Kapil Khanna.

Through his mentoring work with business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, AIBF Managing Director Kapil Khanna has noticed some key patterns that are common to the most successful among them. 

In the spirit of peer learning, we have compiled this list of his top tips to improve yourself both in business and in life. 

1. Successful leaders are the chess players and not the pawns

They make bold moves and plan three steps ahead for all eventualities.

2. They just don’t ‘Wing-It’ 

Brilliant leaders run their organisations BY NUMBERS and understand what’s moving the needle in their business.

3. They prioritise their time

It’s imperative to focus on the HPA (High payoff activities) rather than LPA (Low Payoff).

4. They know their WHY & have a passion

Making money is simply a by-product when your business has meaning.

5. Top entrepreneurs start before they are ready

Because nothing is ever perfect.

6. Connection is everything

The best business people are constantly building powerful networks.

7. Their cup is always half full

Seeing opportunities where others see issues will put you ahead of the pack.

8. Education never ends

You must be committed to your personal growth in continuously improving your business.

9. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Great leaders know their strengths & surround themselves with a team with complementary skills.

Managing Director of the All-Ireland Business Foundation Kapil Khanna shares his top tips for business success.

10. Accountability

They replace blame with responsibility.

11. They get things done

The best leaders don’t confuse busyness with productivity.

12. There will always be challenges

Don’t sweat the small stuff, overcome the important obstacles.

13. Understand every part of your business

Follow up in all areas of business tenaciously.

14. Get smart about your money

Practice good money management/financial habits.

15. Build consistency

Seasonal work ethic doesn’t get results – ( hard work a few days a week is no good).

16. Have a mentor

Reach out to those who have walked the same path – mine them for knowledge.

17. Be curious

Talk less & listen more.

18. Your health is your wealth

Eat higher quality food, and get regular sleep and practice some type of exercise/meditation/outdoor.

19. Have switch-off days

Sometimes you’ve got to separate yourself from your business to recharge and perform at your peak.

20. Build your library

Read at least 4 books a year.

21. Invest in your staff

Understand that the fastest way to grow a company is to grow your people. They are your most important asset.

22. Practice humility

The best leaders are humble, not arrogant.

23. Change is the only constant

Appreciate that all change is hard at first, messy in the middle & gorgeous at the end.

24. Small steps lead to great progress

Understand the compounding effect of doing small tasks consistently. Micro-wins repeated over time lead to staggering results.

25. Practice gratitude

Remember that you are lucky to be where you are. there is always somebody less fortunate.

26. Avoid toxicity

Toxic people cost you your joy & peace of mind, cut them out.

27. Develop a joyful family life

There is no point in having a great business with poor personal relationships.

28. Communicate clearly

Communicate your expectations clearly & HOLD everyone accountable (most of all yourself).

29. Plan your exit strategy

Spend at least 20% of your time towards recruiting top talent and REPLACE YOURSELF.

30. Learn from your customers

Regularly talk with customers to see what can be improved and help them as much as you can.

31. Walk the talk

Focus on EXECUTION over ideas/theory.

32. “I wonder what would happen if…”

Curiosity paves the way to innovation.

33. Plan effectively

Brilliant leaders use TIME BLOCKING & build daily, weekly and monthly routines to keep themselves sane, productive & happy.

34. Be a’Hope Merchant’

If you’re not lifting people up, you’re taking people down.

Please feel free to share these tips with your network.

Business is learning and the road never ends. Remember, there’s always something to be learned when you’re an entrepreneur.