IT staff investment the key to fighting and preventing cybercrime

Landmark Technologies | AIBF
Ken Kelleher, Founder & CEO of Landmark Technologies.

The days of bank heists and hold-ups are long gone.

Balaclavas have been swapped for keyboards and code, and the danger for banks and businesses has never been higher.

IT expert Ken Kelleher told the All-Ireland Business Times that the number of cyber-attacks is rising yearly.

“It’s a multi-trillion dollar business and it’s not going away anywhere anytime soon,” said Ken. “It’s only going to grow.”

“Physical security systems are absolutely necessary but investment in cybersecurity is vital because it’s your only defence against a threat that can totally wipe out your business.”

Landmark Technologies is one of Ireland’s leading IT outsourcing and cloud service providers, specialising in the provision of managed IT services and cybersecurity to a range of businesses.

CEO Ken believes that the future of his business rests on upskilling his staff.

“The biggest challenge in the cybersecurity world is staying one step ahead of the bad guys,” he said.

“To us, that means making sure we know the latest tools out there and how to use them.”

“As a business owner and a technologist, I am constantly reinventing and upskilling myself and my business is constantly changing.”

“In my experience, there is a major change in IT every three to five years and then every seven years there is a significant shift.”

Ken has implemented a programme called Landmark University, where all of his staff are given three weeks off a year – additional to annual leave – for training and upskilling.

All training is fully paid for by Landmark and can be completed at home, in a library or wherever is convenient.

Completion of their training and implementation of the skills learned in the process is then measured as part of their performance review.

The level of investment in staff development is particularly impressive considering Landmark is classified as a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME).

“One of our core values as a business is staff investment.”

“We make sure that we only hire people that want to get better – people who are genuinely interested in the latest technologies in our world”.

“I think what makes us unique is that we walk the talk. A lot of employers pay lip service and say things like ‘Yeah, we’re gonna give you lots of training’, but then throw their engineers into the deep end and force them to learn on the job.”

“We do things differently. As soon a new team member joins, they are given a 12-month roadmap on what their training will look like depending on what they have coming in the door.”

What has been the result?

“From our perspective, the result has been very high levels of retention and very low attrition despite all of the challenges in the industry.”

Landmark Technologies has been named Managed Services Provider Of The Year for the second year in a row by the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

The title comes in recognition of the company’s impact on the Irish IT industry.

Reacting to the announcement Ken said the accreditation is recognition of the hard work and dedication that goes into ensuring his business is a trusted provider of IT services and solutions for his growing list of clients.

When asked for his secret to Landmark’s success Ken revealed that it all goes back to the businesses core values.

“I believe that investing in your people is absolutely vital to the success of your business,” he said.

“Your most important resource is your staff – they are the key to achieving your goals and delivering your vision to your customers.”

To learn more about Landmark Technologies, visit their All-Star showcase page here.