How your business can benefit from riding the ‘green wave’

ASA Group | AIBF
Pictured above from left is ASA Group Managing Director Michelle Johnson with Group Sales Director Caroline Bourke.

Cost and quality are no longer the only factors in the minds of consumers.

Sustainability has become important for a new generation of eco-conscious customers who want to know where their products have been sourced.

ASA Group CEO Michelle Johnson says brands can align themselves with these new expectations by choosing environmentally friendly products.

“It feels good to use ethically sourced products so why not pass that good feeling on to your customers and take the opportunity to show your company in a positive light?”, she said.

“Sustainable products normally carry a message that shows that they have been recycled or made from recycled material, so If you’re going to be buying a notebook, why not go for something that’s going to contribute in a small way to the fight against climate change”.

ASA is one of Ireland’s leading promotional gift companies.

The business recently rebranded from ASA Marketing to ASA Brands, taking on a new look that reflects its position as industry leaders committed to sustainably sourced corporate gifts.

The ASA Group umbrella also encapsulates a thriving software business ForFleets, which is well known for providing software support to mission-critical fleets such as Ireland’s Emergency Services.

The newly branded ASA (A Simple Answer) offers seamless gift and software solutions to its clients both in Ireland, as well as globally through its formal co-operative partnership.

“As the sole Irish partner within IGC Global Promotions, ASA has access to an exclusive network across 46 countries worldwide,” Michelle explained. “It’s an organisation for like-minded business owners in the promotional merchandise space.”

“We have a huge amount of collaboration with companies around the world and we work with them collectively on projects and share expertise. We also use that network for sourcing sustainable products, and for collaboration with different suppliers.”

Established in the 1980s by Aodh and Judith Bourke, the rebranded ASA is now headed up by their daughters, Michelle Johnson, CEO, and Caroline Bourke, Sales Director with offices in Cork, Dublin and Belfast.

Michelle says the company is committed to sourcing sustainable products and branding techniques for clients seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

“We are driven to source and supply recycled materials such as RPET, mix recycled fabrics and recycled paper, and to use materials (i.e. types of plastics, glass, stainless steel, aluminium) and finished products which lend themselves to a recycling process.”

“Our suppliers are getting more creative as well about the types of products and materials that they’re using in a standard item, like a notebook or a pen. We carry notebooks made from recycled apple peel and others with pages made from ground stone”.

ASA has enjoyed strong growth internationally whilst maintaining a solid reputation in Ireland.

The company has never lost sight of its roots, and it was recently named Branded Merchandise Company of the Year by the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

Reflecting on the achievement, Michelle said: “We were delighted to receive Business All-Star Accreditation from the AIBF. It is extremely important to be accredited by a trusted external body as it gives our current and prospective customers confidence in the service that we offer.”

With more and more sustainable products coming on the market every year, Michelle says it is now easier than ever for customers to choose eco-friendly alternatives to their favourite products.

“It’s a lot more competitive now and the choice is a lot wider so the sustainable option is more often than not both high in quality and affordable in price,” she said.

“Our goal is to highlight the options to clients and to explain to them what the benefits of ordering sustainable products are in the hope that that the message resonates with them over time and that they will continue to make that choice.”

To learn more about ASA Group, visit their All-Star showcase page here.