Episode 39: Niall O’Grady – Linked Finance – Why your SME should consider peer-to-peer financing


Getting finance has become more and more difficult for SMEs.

So, it’s no surprise that alternative lending has become an appealing — and realistic — option for ambitious companies looking to drive growth, expand their operations, or pursue an acquisition.

On this week’s episode of All-Ireland Business Talk Elaine spoke to Niall O’Grady of Linked Finance about the world of alternative financing.

Since 2013 Linked Finance has helped over 3,000 SMEs to successfully grow their businesses – The leading alternative lender provides loans of up to 5 years long and has just increased its lending capacity to €500,000 and recently launched a new source of finance called the Merchant Cash Advance.

Listen in to find out more about how Niall O’Grady and his team connect Irish SMEs who need business financing with a vibrant online investor community.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation would like to thank Niall O’Grady of Linked Finance for sharing his valuable insights on this weeks episode of AIBF Business Talk.

We looking forward to catching up with their talented team at the All-Ireland Business Summit on Wednesday May 18 at Croke Park.

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