Derry Bros Customs Clearance Named AIBF Northern Ireland Enterprise Of The Year 2022/23

Derry Bros Customs Clearance Ltd | AIBF
Brigid Derry, Managing Director at Derry Bros, with their All-Star Accreditation certificate.

Armagh-based company Derry Bros Customs Clearance has been accredited as AIBF Northern Ireland Enterprise Of The Year 2022/23.

The multi-faceted family business was founded over 50 years ago by Jim Derry, a name synonymous with transport and shipping solutions throughout the island of Ireland.

Incorporated in 2005 under the successful management of Brigid Derry, Derry Bros Shipping has evolved to become a specialist shipping agent providing top level shipping solutions throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

Business All-Star accreditation is an independently verified standard mark for indigenous businesses, based on rigorous selection criteria.

The accreditation is overseen by the prestigious All-Ireland Business Foundation, whose adjudication panel is chaired by Dr Briga Hynes of the University of Limerick and Kieran Ring, CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics.

Reacting to the announcement, Derry Bros Customs Clearance Ltd Operations Director Colin Robb said:

“We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved AIBF Northern Ireland Enterprise Of The Year 2022/23 from the All-Ireland Business Foundation.”

“This prestigious accreditation recognises our conduct in the areas of trust, performance and customer-centricity. We are proud to display the AIBF Marque as a powerful symbol of trust and quality.”

Deputy Chair of the Adjudication Board, Kieran Ring, said in support of the announcement:

“Derry Bros Customs Clearance has achieved All-Star Northern Ireland Enterprise Of The Year 2022/23 in recognition of the company’s conduct in trust, performance and customer centricity.”

Managing Director of the All-Ireland Business Foundation, Kapil Khanna, said the accreditation, which is now held by over 500 firms, is needed by the thousands of small and medium businesses which operate to their own standards but have nothing to measure them by.

He said: “We evaluate a company’s background, trustworthiness and performance, and we speak to customers, employees and vendors. We also anonymously approach the company as a customer and report back on the experience. The business goes through at least two interviews and is scored on every part of the process against set metrics.”

The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) is an autonomous national accreditation body tasked with enterprise development and the promotion of Best-in-Class in Irish business.

The Foundation actively engages and supports its network through peer dialogue, collaboration, mentoring and enterprise development activities. Companies are qualified for accreditation by completing an enterprise audit and are identified by their use of the AIBF’s Business All-Star Marque.

To learn more about Derry Bros Customs Clearance Ltd, visit their All-Star showcase page here.