Cormac Tagging’s Recent Accolade Highlights Commitment to Irish Farmers

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As Cormac Tagging celebrate their recent Business All-Star Accreditation for the second year in a row, they are enthusiastic and excited entering the forthcoming Spring 2021 calf tagging season. This Business All-Star Accreditation is accredited to companies that meet the highest standards of performance, trust, and customer-centricity.

To celebrate this achievement and acknowledge their growing loyal customer base, who have trusted Cormac Tagging with their animal identification needs over the last four years, Cormac Tagging are offering five free bonus tags with all new calf tag orders over 50 tags, received before November 15, 2020.

Following on from the All-Ireland Business Foundation virtual ceremony where Cormac Tagging received the All-Star Agri-Business accreditation, Ursula Kelly, Operations Director at Cormac Tagging said, We are thrilled and exceptionally grateful to all our customers for their continued support. Our loyal customers and our hardworking team here in Tuam, have made this possible for us.

The Cormac Tagging success story and its increased market share growth has far exceeded expectations for 2020 and it has resulted in the company becoming the number one electronic tag supplier this year. This is especially notable as electronic tagging looks set to become compulsory for all calves born in Ireland, from November 2021.

This market-leading position has been established by supplying farmers who use EID tags for labor-saving equipment including milking parlours, robotics, drafting gates and the increased demand for grant-aided automatic calf feeders. The requirement of these tags to date has been driven by technology on Irish farms rather than any mandatory regulation.

Cormac Tagging’s 99pc retention rate and continued FREE replacement tag promise on their lost tags have become extremely valuable, saving time, money and hassle for Irish farmers. In a market where replacement tags had become an expensive norm, the cost-saving to farmers on replacement tags and Department of Agriculture penalties over the last four years has now become clear.

Cormac Tagging has partnered with German manufacturing company, Caisley International to create their lightweight 4-gram electronic tag which does not weigh down the thin animals’ ear. This is especially visible in Jersey or Jersey cross calves after birth, where a large hole can often be created by heavier EID tags. This is another advantage from an animal welfare perspective, but it also strengthens their tags’ proven low loss rate.

Cormac Tagging are supplying tags to farmers participating in the ICBF DNA Registration trial programme for 2021. The tag used is an EID or visual double tissue tag taking two samples – one for BVD testing, and the second for a DNA sample. The tagset has proven a real success story for participants in the 2020 programme, who took a DNA sample at birth before registering the calf.

“We entered this market with a clear vision to offer a credible choice to Irish farmers and we have achieved this,” Ursula concludes. “We are committed to supplying superior quality tags at a competitive price, coupled with exceptional customer care and faster turnaround times.”

Get ahead of the Christmas rush this year by ordering early online. Visit the Cormac Tagging website or call 09352385 for further information.

To learn more about Cormac Tagging, visit their All-Star showcase page here.

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