Business All-Star Personal Freight Services expand Customs Brokerage services in preparation for Brexit

In this Q&A, we talked to Cian Hore – Director at Personal Freight Services Ltd.


# Tell us about yourself and Personal Freight Services?

Personal Freight Services was founded in 1996 and are based in Clontarf, Dublin. There are 2 sides to our business, Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage. On the Freight Forwarding side, we have the capability to ship our customers products all over the world due to our extensive Global Network.

Some of our current markets include Ireland / UK / Europe / Asia / U.S / Australia. We have our own Independent Customs Clearance Department where we currently provide customs declarations for our customers from “Third Countries” as the UK will become from 1st January 2021. This means we have the capability to represent our new and existing customers in both Ireland and the UK when customs clearance becomes a necessity.

# What challenges are you helping your customers solve?

We have built our business around our personal touch, service levels, and our relationships with our customers. In today’s uncertain times these service levels are so important to our customers as we take a lot of the transport stress away from SMEs who most of the time would not have their own Transport Department. So, our range of services means that they come to us for all their transport needs.

With the onset of Brexit, we have invested in the Customs Brokerage side of our business to make sure we are fully compliant with Revenue and HMRC to legally represent our customers both in Ireland and the UK. We are helping our customers overcome the challenges that Brexit has brought regarding trading with the UK once customs clearance becomes a necessity.

# Tell us more about your Customs Brokerage department and how you can help businesses over the coming months and years in response to Brexit?

Our customs department consists of a team of experienced specialists who provide customs clearance and consultancy service to our customers. We prepare and submit Single Administrative Documents (SADs) for both road and air freight.

We are fully registered Customs Agents with Revenue where we have direct access to Revenues AEP / AIS System, and we are also fully registered Customs Agents in the UK with HMRC with direct access to the CHIEF / CDS System. This means that we can clear customs on both sides of the Irish sea and legally represent our customers in Ireland and the UK when Customs Clearance becomes a necessity on January 1st, 2021.

This is a big bonus to our current customers as it gives them peace of mind that they are dealing with a company that can guide them through the process and offer them the full range of transport services.

We are Independent Customs Brokers with Authorised Consignor status meaning we can prepare and export, import and transit declarations. We are affiliated with a Brexit legal team and also offer a Customs Consultancy service to our customers.

# What would be your advice to Irish businesses to help them set up for Customs Clearance and Brexit?

The main piece of advice would be to make contact and appoint a Customs Agent as soon as possible as there is a massive shortage of agents in Ireland and the UK. There will be more than 20 million declarations needed from 2021 and there just is not enough Customs Agents to fulfil this demand.

Most customs agents are at full capacity and are not taking on any new business. Appoint a customs Agent as soon as possible and they will guide you through the steps of making sure your company is set up to trade with the UK and prepare and submit declarations on your behalf.

# How do people get in touch with you?

Having recently received our All Ireland Business Foundation award and accreditation, we would like to help our fellow All-Stars get fully set up and ready for Brexit and Customs Clearance.

Rightly, COVID has been front and centre for every Irish business over the past 4 months but Brexit and its complications have not gone away and a new set of trading rules with the UK will come into effect from 1st January 2021.

We can offer our services to guide companies to be ready to trade with the UK and prepare and submit declarations on their behalf when the time comes. Give Stephen and his team a call.

Phone: 01 8332284