Business All-Star Accreditation For Organisation Supporting Those With Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Society of Ireland | All-Ireland Business Foundation
Gill Brennan, CEO and Trish Ledwige, Head of Finance at the Coeliac Society of Ireland photographed at Round Tower, Clondalkin with their All-Star Accreditation certificate.

Coeliac Society of Ireland has achieved a Business All-Star Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

This is an outstanding achievement for the Coeliac Society of Ireland, which recognises their hard work and dedication in providing a best in class service to their members.

Business All-Star accredited companies are defined as; progressive, indigenous Irish businesses which meet the highest standards of verified performance, trust and customer-centricity.

I am delighted to receive this Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation on behalf of the Coeliac Society of Ireland’s members, volunteers, and staff, says Gill Brennan, CEO of the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

She continues: “Our mission is to improve the lives of people with coeliac disease and those who suffer from gluten intolerance. To achieve this, we have implemented a number of service and operational changes in the last few years, and it is wonderful to have the hard work undertaken by our entire team recognised as best in class. I hope that this accreditation provides reassurance to others about the benefits of joining the Coeliac Society of Ireland and partnering with us to help to make Ireland the best country to live gluten free.”

Dr Hynes said the Accreditation, which is now held by over 450 firms, is needed by the thousands of small and medium businesses which operate to their own standards, but have nothing to measure them by.

Excited to announce our Food List 2021 is now in the printing process and will be available in our Members Area next…

Posted by Coeliac Society of Ireland on Thursday, 18 February 2021

“We evaluate a company’s background, trustworthiness and performance, and we speak to customers, employees and vendors. We also anonymously approach the company as a customer and report back on the experience. The business goes through at least two interviews and is scored on every part of the process against set metrics”, she says.

There are an estimated 50,000 people living with coeliac disease in Ireland, and a further 400,000 who are gluten intolerant. The Coeliac Society of Ireland is determined to make sure that every one of them has the support and help they need to make living with their condition as easy and as normal as is possible. They empower the entire coeliac and gluten intolerant community by providing them with information, advice and practical solutions as they navigate a gluten-free lifestyle. The Coeliac Society also represents members interests by advocating to government health agencies for improved resources and services, so that individuals and their families can access the care they need.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation is a national body which accredits best-in-class Irish businesses as Business All-Stars. The Foundation also oversees the All-Ireland Business Summit while promoting peer dialogue amongst our members on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about Coeliac Society of Ireland, visit their All-Star showcase page here.

The process to select the next group of Business All-Star accredited companies has begun and further information is available at