Bloodworks: Finding positivity and growth in adversity

Bloodworks | AIBF
Linda O'Connor, Phlebotomist at Bloodworks photographed with her All-Star Accreditation certificate and medallion.

Linda O’Connor has consistently found positivity and growth in adversity.

The North Dublin businesswoman and phlebotomist started Bloodworks, a private blood testing service back in 2008 in the midst of a recession and a family tragedy.

“My mother was always such a huge support to me,” she told the All-Ireland Business Foundation. “Unfortunately, she passed away after a complication during an operation.”

“It turned out that she had gone in to get a routine blood test done a month earlier but never got the results.”

“Rather than get overwhelmed by anger I thought that I would do something positive about it. That’s when I set up Bloodworks.”

Bloodworks provides high-quality/low-cost blood testing services throughout Ireland, allowing for confidential and professional phlebotomy service with no waiting times in GP surgeries and outpatients clinics.

Linda says her company’s mission is to enable people to be more informed about their own health and wellbeing, giving power to the patient .

Like many other businesses around the country, Bloodworks was adversely affected by the pandemic.

The company was no longer able to operate in doctors surgeries and many of the other important centres of operation forcing Linda to think on her feet.

She said: “I was approached by a nursing home locally, and we did some great work up there on COVID testing. We developed a drive-thru scenario and we tested all the staff in the nursing home, all the visitors, and all the patients.”

“It was the first time in 10 months that people were allowed to hug each other. It was a huge privilege and an honour to be part of that and I was very humbled by it.”

“We didn’t realise how emotional it would be, and it gave us the incentive to keep going.”

“Soon after we were getting phone calls from nurses going into work, ambulance drivers and teachers, and it became necessary to find somewhere to operate from.”

Bloodworks has gone from strength to strength since Linda pivoted her business to provide rapid affordable covid blood testing as well as PCR testing to her growing customer base.

The company has also begun to offer a quantitative test which has allowed customers returning to work to ​​verify whether or not their vaccine has worked. Linda is also planning an expansion into the UK market.

Having a COVID blood test done at Bloodworks costs just thirty euros and is straightforward and accessible.

Customers simply open the Health Passport worldwide app on their mobile device, set up a profile and have their COVID test results privately and securely sent to their personal Health Passport.

They also offer DCC certificates via email.

The customer’s device is scanned on arrival at Bloodworks, and they are then directed to a swabbing station.

The swab takes just a few seconds, the customer leaves and results are then sent to their mobile device within half an hour.

Bloodworks recently announced the opening of facilities in Dublin City 7/8 and on the Quays, In affiliation with

Linda said: The same protocols and accreditation will be in place and we will provide fast affordable, reliable and efficient covid testing – we will also introduce Bloodworks blood tests at the facility.

“Our aim is to provide the corporate sector with an easy solution to getting the workforce back to the office, for total peace of mind in the heart of the city, pre gigs, concerts, matches. Walk-ins are also welcome. Booking online at

“It has been a huge privilege and I am humbled by the positive feedback on the Bloodworks service,” she continued.

“We have strived to treat every patient with the same level of care – reducing the fear factor and making it affordable.”

To learn more about Bloodworks, visit their All-Star showcase page here.