AIBF Fellow Receives European Award for Cybersecurity PR Services

Paul Allen & Associates | AIBF
Fellow of the AIBF, Paul Allen (left), celebrates winning the EU Cyber Communications PR Award.

Dublin-based public relations expert and newly admitted Fellow of the All-Ireland Business Foundation (FAIBF), Paul Allen, has received a European award for his work in cybersecurity and managing public relations procedures around cybersecurity and data breaches.

The EU Cyber Awards were held by the International Cyber Threat Task Force in a ceremony in the Grand Hotel in Malahide on Thursday, October 6th. Some of the companies in attendance included Huawei, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Lloyds Banking Group, PwC and Revolut.

Paul’s public relations firm, Paul Allen & Associates, has been heavily involved in providing in-depth communications support to firms affected or at risk of being affected by cyberattacks.

The team at the firm has a huge level of practical experience and expertise in managing communications around cyberattacks, a growing specialist field in public relations.

Commenting on receiving the qualification, Paul Allen said:

Cybersecurity has become a major focus of our firm in recent years. We have been fortunate to work with many clients in building crisis communications plans, reporting data breaches and developing strategies to maintain and repair trust and confidence following attacks and service disruptions.

“Here in Ireland, high-profile and highly-damaging cyberattacks have led to a huge level of fear, especially in those companies still using old software. As with most things, being prepared is key.”

In the course of his career, Paul has worked with five Taoisigh, two US Presidents, two UK Prime Ministers and was extensively involved in the Northern Ireland Peace Process. A veteran of Irish political campaigns, Paul also managed four Irish Presidential campaigns.

Paul Allen, Managing Director of Paul Allen & Associates, photographed with his Lifetime Achievement Accreditation Certificate.

More recently, he developed and managed the hugely successful ‘Irish For Biden’ campaign alongside the Democratic Party in the US.

Paul Allen was recently admitted as Fellow of the All-Ireland Business Foundation (FAIBF), an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who’ve been recognised for their significant impact on Irish commerce.

Paul has been a member of the AIBF TRIBE since 2021, receiving AIBF Lifetime Achievement accreditation. We’re delighted to be working with him, and wish him ongoing success.

To learn more about Paul Allen & Associates, visit their All-Star showcase page here.