80/20 Consulting Founder Recognised as Thought Leader

80-20 Consulting | All-Ireland Business Foundation
Paul Lynch, Founder and Managing Director at 80/20 Consulting Photographed with his All-Star Accreditation certificate and medallion.

Paul Lynch has achieved a Thought Leader Accreditation in Business and Financial Advice from the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

A thought leader is an informed opinion leader and the go-to person in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success.

This is an independently verified standard mark for indigenous businesses, based on rigorous selection criteria. The Accreditation is overseen by the prestigious All-Ireland Business Foundation, whose adjudication panel is chaired by Dr Briga Hynes of the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick and Kieran Ring, CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics.

Responding to today’s announcement, Paul Lynch says, I’m delighted to achieve this All-Star Accreditation. When I set up 80/20 consulting, my aim was to create a business that really listens to its clients and delivers a service that is both customer & results-focused. Given that the All-Star Accreditation pillars are Performance, Trust, and Customer Centricity, I saw it as an independent way of verifying how we are performing against this ambition.

Dr Hynes said the Accreditation, which is now held by over 450 firms, is needed by the thousands of small and medium businesses which operate to their own standards but have nothing to measure them by.

“We evaluate a company’s background, trustworthiness and performance, and we speak to customers, employees and vendors. We also anonymously approach the company as a customer and report back on the experience. The business goes through at least two interviews and is scored on every part of the process against set metrics”, she says.

Paul Lynch is the Founder and Managing Director of 80/20 consulting which was established to bring the strategic sales and financial capability of large corporates to SMEs to help them evolve to the next level. Paul has over 25 years of experience leading both Sales and Finance teams within the manufacturing, consumer goods and retail industries.

He is a versatile qualified accountant with excellent experience working with world-leading companies such as Pepsico, Tesco, Kerry Foods and Britvic as well as in the management consultancy arena working with SMEs in the Construction, Retail, Insurance and Hospitality sectors. Paul has a proven track record in delivering top-line growth, control and insights to the businesses – which is so very important in light of the current economic environment.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation is a national body which accredits best-in-class Irish businesses as Business All-Stars. The Foundation also oversees the All-Ireland Business Summit while promoting peer dialogue amongst our members on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about 80/20 Consulting, visit their All-Star showcase page here.

The process to select the next group of Business All-Star accredited companies has begun and further information is available at aibf.ie.