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Under the Rainbow

Under The Rainbow is an LGBTQ+ led diversity and inclusion agent. They are pioneers in the field of diversity and innovative thought leaders when it comes to inclusion. They help build an authentic workplace culture empowering people to be their true selves where the wellbeing of everyone is the key to success. They deliver real diversity training by focusing on the psychology of sociology, belonging and inclusion. By building a workplace that feels safe and inclusive people are more inclined to be their true selves, which benefits both employee and business. Under The Rainbow is future-proofing business! The future is different, the future is diverse. The company was founded by Gillian Fagan, Dermot McCarthy and Philippa Ryder in 2019 and now has a diverse team of 14 people passionate about equality and inclusion. Each founder came from a corporate background and were united by their activism for human rights and equality. With a passion for health and wellbeing their individual stories are very unique yet all have this thing in common; they overcame our struggles by stepping into their authenticity. They have a wealth of experience in helping companies and individuals overcome challenges, be their true selves and embrace the concept of mental fitness. Under The Rainbow specialise in workplace wellness and see equality, diversity and inclusion as a key component of good mental health. They go that extra mile to help empower others. Their vision is a world where people can be their true selves and where people are celebrated for their differences....
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