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Here are some characteristics of the innovator.

  • You’re more comfortable working on your projects and on your computer.
  • You have great ideas and innovations but lack the marketing gusto to get them the recognition they deserve
  • You believe in providing products/services that help people
  • You have connections all over the world and a wide network.
  • You’re not a natural leader and have the respect of your peers.
  • With the right marketing and focused implementation, you will achieve so much more.
  • Was your result accurate or surprising?.

    Don’t worry, the quiz is just a fun exercise – a way for us to engage with you, start a conversation with you and introduce you to our national recognition programme Business All-Stars Accreditation.

    You can find out more how you can gain the recognition, exposure, social-proof, competitive advantage and growth your business deserves below.

The search for the 2020 Business All-Stars has begun. If you think your business could qualify as an All-Star, register your Interest below.

Gain the Recognition, Exposure, Social-Proof, Competitive Advantage
and Growth Your Business Deserves...

Gain the Recognition, Exposure, Social-Proof, Competitive Advantage
and Growth Your Business Deserves...

What are the benefits for accreditation for a business?

The benefits of accreditation are many but they can broadly split into six categories.

For You

  • Personal Recognition for the founders and/or stakeholders in the business.
  • A fantastic acknowledgment of the hard work, commitment, sacrifices and contribution you have given to business and entrepreneurship in Ireland.

For Your Business

  • Instills pride and projects a winning image of your business
  • Differentiates your business from the competition
  • Increases national and regional awareness of your brand

For Your Team

  • Boosts your team morale and productivity
  • Increases employee engagement and pride in their work

For Your Customers

  • Gives re-assurance and confidence to your customers
  • Enhances customer relationships

For Business Development

  • Create new sales opportunities
  • Gives access to other accredited All-Star businesses, enabling you to develop new business opportunities

For Your Growth

  • Stand out from your competition with All-Star Business status
  • Position yourself and your business alongside other All-Star businesses in Ireland

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