Global Expansion Classroom : The 5 Solutions to Your International Fears

Video - Global Expansion Classroom : The 5 Solutions to Your International Fears​​

Summary : The 5 Solutions to Your International Fears​​

1. Relocation of staff

The immigration process for staff and their families can be a headache.

When deciding on the visa, there are many things to consider such as the workers’ job role, the length of the assignment, location of work, what the requirements are for residency, and if there is a need for multiple re-entries.

Businesses can get workers into their chosen country quickly, legally and efficiently by choosing a Global Visa and Immigration solution.

A dedicated expert will provide your company with expert knowledge on immigration rules and regulations and assist you throughout the immigration process.

2. How to hire staff compliantly

Each country has their own set of rules and regulations, with some even mandating certain employee benefits such as 13th and 14th salaries which are mandatory benefits that must be paid out to the employee.

Its good practice to research what mandatory benefits exist in the country where you will be employing or seek advice from a global employment expert.

Independent Contractors are a great alternative to committing to permanent staff for short-term projects that can also save you money.

But businesses should be aware that the misclassifying of employees as independent contractors is a form of non-compliance that could result in serious fines and penalties.

An Employer of Record or Agent of Record could enable SMEs to hire staff internationally to test out overseas markets without the need to set up an entity in that location.

Global hiring solutions, such as Employer or Agent of Record, can be used for both short-term/project-based and long-term contracts.

Bear in mind that even short term assignments or training visits may require these permits.

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Meet The Speakers:
Teresa Lewis (Country Representative & Business Development Co-ordinator)

With over ten years’ experience in Market Research and HR at prestigious Dublin-based organisations, Teresa is now responsible for developing Mauve’s business in Ireland and supporting operational management when local intervention is required.

Her day-to-day role involves prospecting and lead follow-up, assisting local entities on-the-ground and sourcing new expert partners.

Demetra Tofarides (Marketing & Events Specialist)

Originally from Paphos, Cyprus, Demetra's studies brought her to the UK where she achieved a Masters in Events Management.

Demetra worked as a production assistant following graduation, creating largescale events for clients such as Easyjet and Toyota.

Now based in Mauve's London office, Demetra brings her events expertise to the marketing department and assists our Channel Partner team to develop the referral scheme.

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