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How to Build A Powerful And Diverse Network

We are entering into a period of intense disruption and turbulence but also one of great opportunity.

Companies will be reconfiguring their staff structures and individuals will have to reconsider their career options.

In all of this Networking is critically important for your professional and personal life and yet it is not taught at school or college and companies don't have strategies for it.

By Kingsley Aikins
The Networking Institute

Hosted By

Elaine Carroll
CEO, All-Ireland Business Foundation

Some Highlights of the Session

Kingsley will outline a precise 4 step process on building your network and the specific skills that will be needed that will give you a distinct competitive edge. In a world where 'life is a game of inches' he focusses on:

  • How to build a personal brand
  • Network when you can't network
  • Build your social capital
  • Become a better listener and make serendipity work for you

Kingsley Aikins

The Networking Institute


Kingsley Aikins has lived and worked in 6 countries in a career in trade and investment, philanthropy, education, diaspora engagement and tourism. He has worked for major organisations, governments and international agencies. For 21 years he headed up The Ireland Funds based in Sydney, Boston and Dublin. Throughout his extensive experience he came to appreciate the power of Networking which he sees as the 'glue' that makes everything happen.

Kingsey is the CEO at the Networking Institute , where he coaches organisations and individuals to reach their full potential through networking.

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