GeoPal accredited with All-Stars Best Technology Business 2018 - All-Ireland Business Foundation

GeoPal accredited with All-Stars Best Technology Business 2018

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GeoPal accredited with All-Stars Best Technology Business 2018

DUBLIN MONDAY APRIL 23rd 2018:  Leading lights in Irish Business descended on Croke Park last Thursday 19th April for the Fourth Annual All-Ireland Business Summit powered by Audi, where a 1000 strong audience from all 32 counties were captivated by the speakers who revealed their top secrets, confessions and the do’s and don’ts that have helped them achieve their business success.

The Business All-Stars competition final was one of the key elements of the summit. The Business All-Stars is an annual competition designed to identify, recognize and accredit Irish companies and individuals that have distinguished themselves in the conduct of their business over the last 12 months.

GeoPal was accredited with the All-Star Technology Business of the Year. Speaking at the event, Kieran F. Ring, CEO Global Institute of Logistics, Deputy Chairperson Adjudication Panel said;  

 “The decision to designate GeoPalwith All-Star Technology Business 2018-19 is based on the score achieved in four rounds of intense competition. 

The application, supported by references, interviews and independent ratings from the ‘mystery shopper’ process left the adjudication panel in no doubt that GeoPal is richly deserving of this accreditation. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all concerned and we wish you every success for the future”

In response to the announcement Gerard O’Keeffe, CEO said

“On behalf of GeoPal, I would like to express our sincere thanks for being accredited as All-Star Technology Business 2018-2019. Achieving All-Stars accreditation is a great source of pride for us and we look forward to continuing to meet and indeed exceed the standards set by the All-Star programme.  

The process which led to this accreditation truly stretched us, the structure of the competition required us to put our brand story on paper and gave us the opportunity to reflect on who we are, our growth strategy and above all the value we create for our target audience. 

The opportunity to hear first-hand feedback from our Judge-Mentor, our existing customers, partners, and suppliers through the reference module combined with the results from the mystery shopper round was invaluable. 

We would like to thank all at the competition for making the effort to listen to our story, understand and accredit our business and above all help us to promote it”

The competition finals benefited enormously from the atmosphere created at the All-Ireland Summit which was driven by the three key pillars of knowledge sharing, facilitating new business relationships and the continued improvement of business standards in Ireland, the All-Ireland Summit improves year-on-year – like so many of the great teams to have graced the hallowed turf of Croke Park.

Speaking at the summit, Dr.Briga Hynes, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Chairperson Adjudication Panel summed up the entire process by reminding the enterprises honored with All-Star that:

 “GeoPal has demonstrated an ability to innovate and has impressive growth plans which no-doubt reflects the resilience and optimism that are the hallmarks of Irish entrepreneurs. GeoPal brings a real inspiration for what is possible in business in Ireland and provide important role models for the many aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small firms.” 

GeoPal are now included in the 2018-19 All-Stars Role of Honour, the list is published annually to coincide with the All-Ireland Business Summit at Croke Park.  Find out more on



An all-Irish SaaS company founded in 2011, GeoPal currently serves over 200 customers in EMEA and North America, arming them with the technology and data they need to tackle complex field operations on a daily basis. By applying an agile approach to project management, GeoPal helps companies undergo a digital transformation journey in as little as 8 weeks.

With clients across such diverse sectors as Construction, Smart Cities and Healthcare, GeoPal nonetheless became the market leader among Specialist Contractors in Ireland in 2017.


The Business All-Star program is an annual competition designed to identify, recognize and accredit Irish companies and individuals that have distinguished themselves in the conduct of their business over the last 12 months.

The Role of Honour of All-Star accreditees reflects the diverse stages of development and vertical specialization of Irish enterprises. The Role of Honor includes special categories for social enterprises, charities, and rising stars.

Those included represent the highest current performance level in Irish business and are presented as a standard or benchmark to be equaled or exceeded.

All-Star accreditees prove through a rigorous matrix based 100 points, four steps judging process (application, phone interviews, reference checks, incognito contact to measure customer service, live judging), to be on merit, worthy recipients of their accreditation.

CAPTION (L-R): Master of Ceremonies Gavin Duffy, Gerard O’Keeffe, CEO, GeoPal, Joana Belo Pereira, Marketing Manager, GeoPal, who was accredited with Technology Business of the year 2018-19.