Welcome to The AIBF Expatriate Leaders Advocacy Council (ELAC)

Gerard Chimbganda
MD, GoodPeople
Founding Chairperson, ELAC

Welcome to the ELAC:
Championing Expatriate Entrepreneurs & Leaders in Ireland

The newly inaugurated All Ireland Business Foundation’s Expatriate Leaders Advocacy Council (ELAC) is dedicated to serving as a powerful advocate and representative body for expatriate entrepreneurs and leaders who have launched and are managing businesses in Ireland.

At the heart of ELAC's mission is the commitment to address the unique challenges and leverage the opportunities encountered by this distinct group, ensuring their perspectives and needs are effectively represented in various spheres of business, policy-making, and community involvement.

ELAC: Empowering Expatriate Visionaries in Ireland

The ELAC stands as a pivotal advocate and support system for expatriate leaders, fostering their success in Ireland’s dynamic business environment.

Through its dedicated efforts, the council seeks to elevate the growth and impact of expatriate-led businesses, significantly contributing to Ireland's economic vitality.

Mark your calendars for the ELAC Launch Event: 8:00 AM, Friday, December 8th, at Aviva Stadium, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Under the guidance of Gerard Chimbganda, CEO of Good People and the founding Chairperson, ELAC is poised to align its ambitious activities with its core mission and goals.

ELAC is committed to addressing the unique challenges and maximising the opportunities for expatriate entrepreneurs, focusing on giving them a stronger voice in business, policy-making, and community initiatives.

For inquiries or further information, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Experience the Inaugural ELAC Launch at Aviva Stadium

Join us in a milestone event that marks a new era for expatriate entrepreneurs in Ireland. This is your opportunity to engage with
pioneering leaders and shape the international business landscape in Ireland.

Secure Your Spot: Register below to confirm your presence at the ELAC Launch Event, starting at 8:00 AM on
Friday, December 8th, at the Aviva Stadium.

Key Responsibilities & Functions of the ELAC

The Expatriate Leaders Advocacy Council (ELAC) plays a critical role in representing and supporting expatriate entrepreneurs in Ireland.
Our key responsibilities and functions include:


The founding Chairperson, Gerard Chimbganda, is expected to provide insightful leadership and strategic guidance to the council. His role is crucial in aligning our activities with ELAC's mission and overarching objectives, ensuring effectiveness and coherence.


At ELAC, advocacy is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to actively championing the interests of expatriate entrepreneurs. Our efforts are focused on promoting policies and initiatives that not only facilitate robust business growth but also ensure seamless integration into Ireland's business ecosystem.


ELAC is committed to raising awareness about the vital contributions and unique challenges of expatriate entrepreneurs in Ireland. We aim to highlight their success stories, showcase the positive impacts of their businesses on the local economy, and address any misconceptions or barriers they might face.


The council may engage with policymakers and relevant government bodies to provide input on policies and regulations that affect expatriate entrepreneurs. It will seek to ensure that policies are conducive to their business activities and promote entrepreneurship among this group.


The council may conduct or commission research to gather data and insights into the experiences and needs of expatriate entrepreneurs. This data can be used to inform policy recommendations and business strategies.


As an advocacy council, it will provide a platform for expatriate entrepreneurs to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and collaborate on solutions to common issues. This will include hosting discussions, forums, and events to foster dialogue and knowledge sharing.


ELAC will facilitate networking opportunities among expatriate entrepreneurs, connecting them with resources, mentors, and peers who can offer guidance and support in navigating the Irish business landscape.


The EEAC may organize events, conferences, and seminars that address relevant topics, provide educational resources, and encourage collaboration among its members.

About Expatriate Leaders Advocacy Council (ELAC)

Overall, the EEAC serves as a vital resource for expatriate entrepreneurs, offering them a collective voice, advocacy, and support system to thrive in the Irish business landscape.

Through its efforts, the council aims to contribute to the growth and success of expatriate-led businesses and enhance their positive impact on the Irish economy.

The Council's launch event is scheduled for 9:00 AM on Friday, December 8th, at the Aviva Stadium in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

The newly established All Ireland Business Foundation, known as the Expatriate Leaders Advocacy Council (ELAC), plays a vital role as an advocate and representative body for expatriate entrepreneurs who have founded businesses in Ireland.

The Foundation offers accredited businesses with opportunities to engage in peer-dialogue, collaboration and support to each other. It allows them to attain and, most importantly, maintain the highest verified standards for the benefit of both businesses and consumers.

The founding Chairperson, Gerard Chimbganda of Good People will provide leadership and guidance to the council, ensuring that its activities align with its mission and objectives.

The primary mission of the ELAC is to tackle the distinctive challenges and opportunities encountered by this entrepreneurial group, with a focus on amplifying their voices in matters related to business, policy, and community engagement.

Sponsors & Partners

We extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors, partners, and council members, whose support is pivotal in shaping a thriving business community with ELAC. Together, we are driving meaningful impact on both the Irish economy and the broader international business landscape in Ireland.

At ELAC, we're not just building bridges between businesses; we're cultivating a community where expatriate entrepreneurs can flourish. Our commitment is to turn the challenges of today into the success stories of tomorrow.

Gerard Chimbganda
MD, GoodPeople
Founding Chairperson, ELAC

ELAC stands at the forefront of change, advocating for policies that acknowledge and support the diverse contributions of expatriate entrepreneurs. It’s more than an organization; it’s a movement towards a global business community in Ireland.

Kieran F Ring
Global Institute of Logistics

Through ELAC, we're not just addressing the immediate needs of expatriate entrepreneurs; we're laying the groundwork for a future where diversity in business leadership is not just celebrated but seen as essential for economic growth and innovation.

Kapil Khanna
All-Ireland Business Foundation

Being a part of ELAC has given me an invaluable perspective on the unique journey of expatriate entrepreneurs. It's inspiring to see how our collective efforts are shaping a more inclusive and vibrant business environment in Ireland.

Elaine Carroll
All-Ireland Business Foundation

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