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The Business All-Star Accreditation Marque Is The Nation’s Symbol Of Trust
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Why apply for All-Star Accreditation?

  • Symbol of Trust - All-Star accreditation gives a credibility to your business only available through our third-party endorsement.
  • A Competitive Edge - All-Star Accreditation gives confidence to your customers, helping them differentiate you from competitors.
  • National Recognition - All-Star Accreditation broadens your target market and raises your national and local profile.
  • Access to Knowledge Network - All-Star accreditation gives you unrivalled access to our TRIBE, enabling you develop business opportunities with other accredited companies.
  • Assurance to your Customers - All-Star accreditation demonstrates to your customers that you operate to the highest standards and can be trusted.
  • Gain New Customers - All-Star accreditation generates positive publicity which translates to new business.

About All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF)

The AIBF is an independent national body that identifies and acknowledges the country’s most ambitious and visionary businesses. 

As the accreditation body for the Business All-Star marque, the AIBF recognises Best-In-Class Irish businesses. Companies that merit recognition based on an independent audit of their performance, reputation, and customer-centricity.

The Business All-Star Accreditation Marque Is The Nation’s Symbol Of Trust.

Currently, there are over 450 companies that are accredited by AIBF. Since 2014, over 2,500 companies have participated in our programs. 

The AIBF also hosts the annual All-Ireland Summit and monthly gatherings to promote peer-learning and collaboration among it’s accredited companies.

A Selection of Business All-Star Accredited Companies

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