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Business All-Star Accreditation is an independent third-party seal of approval
that recognises and rewards the very best businesses in Ireland.

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Why apply for All-Star Accreditation?

  • Symbol of Trust - All-Star accreditation gives a credibility to your business only available through our third-party endorsement.
  • A Competitive Edge - All-Star Accreditation gives confidence to your customers, helping them differentiate you from competitors.
  • National Recognition - All-Star Accreditation broadens your target market and raises your national and local profile.
  • Access to Knowledge Network - All-Star accreditation gives you unrivalled access to our TRIBE, enabling you develop business opportunities with other accredited companies.
  • Assurance to your Customers - All-Star accreditation demonstrates to your customers that you operate to the highest standards and can be trusted.
  • Gain New Customers - All-Star accreditation generates positive publicity which translates to new business.

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